Brazil Camp

International Soccer Camp (Brazil)

The soccer camp’s main objective is to provide a safe, fun, and overall amazing experience for every athlete who joins the program. Future Soccer has partnerships with many major professional soccer clubs in Brazil – Santos FC, Sporting Club Corinthians Paulista, São Paulo FC, SE Palmeiras, Red Bull Brasil, and Guarulhos – all based in São Paulo, as well as Clube de Regatas do Flamengo and CR Vasco da Gama based in Rio De Janeiro, where we plan to have camps in the very-near future. There will be three friendly matches with three of these teams (U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U18, U21, O21), where players will play at the professional clubs’ training grounds against them. Friendly matches against teams like these are not only great experiences for players, but also amazing showcasing opportunities as well. These professional soccer clubs are very competitive and play in the most prestigious international youth tournaments across the globe.

Players will have a detailed training program in which they will follow a specific tactical, technical, and physical training on a daily basis during their stay in Brazil. Professional soccer coaches will lead the training program; who have worked with top clubs and developed top talents in Brazil, and have worked with top clubs. All coaches are bilingual and have very high levels of experience in the Brazilian soccer environment. If a team is registered together, their coach will also accompany them on the trip and assist in the training and development.

Camp participants will spend 11 days in Brazil at the Sorocaba Convention Centre, a facility well known for pre-season training for major clubs in São Paulo. The facility has their own security, professional sized soccer fields, comfortable and clean bedrooms, as well as many other amenities such as a swimming pool, a sauna, and a gym for recovery and training purposes.

The international camp program goes beyond the limit of just training and development; it includes visits and events to maximize the entertainment of players. Players will visit the São Paulo Soccer Museum, a live soccer match, and will spend a day at Boraceia Beach. The visits planned will give players the opportunity to learn more about Brazil and the Brazilian culture.

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All the need-to-know about the Future Soccer Brazil Camp

Program Includes

Program Includes

  • Airfare round-trip (Toronto – São Paulo) (São Paulo – Toronto)
  • Travel Insurance / Health Insurance (FULL COVERAGE)
  • Ground Transportation (Airport – Hotel, Hotel – Games – Events, Hotel – Airport)
  • Uniforms (Training Kit, Match Kit)
  • Events / Entertainment (Sao Paulo Soccer Museum, Live Soccer Match, Boraceia Beach)
  • Accommodation (Sorocaba Convention Centre – Training Facilities + Hotel)
  • Food and Beverage (ALL INCLUSIVE)
  • 24-Hour Supervision (Guides and Monitors)
  • 24-Hour Private Security
  • Daily training with professional soccer coaches
  • Three friendly matches against professional soccer club’s youth teams
  • Players will face opposing teams of equal age group
  • Video/Photos (Covering all training sessions, events, and videotapes all matches)
  • Press Media Participation
  • Players will have a one month training program prior to their Brazil camp to prepare them for their showcasing opportunity
  • Players will watch a live match



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Flight & Ground Transportation

Airfare Round-Trip

One of the great advantages of our program is the inclusion of round-trip airfare in our final price. In most cases, other sporting events companies do not include airfare in their price at all, and it is up to the participant or their soccer club to look for tickets and book them on their own. This provides a major convenience to clubs, participants, and their families.

Participants will leave the Pearson International Airport (YYZ) in Toronto and will arrive at the Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) in São Paulo, Brazil. There will be three program coordinators at the Pearson International Airport (YYZ) to gather all participants, organize everything, and accompany them to Brazil.

Registrants have the option of booking their own flights, but will be responsible for their own traveling if that is the case. Flight arrival times in Brazil must be made known to Future Soccer prior to Brazil Camp in order to accommodate athletes with ground transportation.

Ground Transportation

There will be a Future Soccer bus upon their arrival in Brazil. The bus will transport players from the Airport to the Sorocaba Convention Centre, and will also be the vehicle of transportation for sight-seeing events and friendly matches. The bus comes equipped with a washroom and minibar for refreshments.

Travel / Health Insurance

Travel/Health Insurance

In order to ensure a safe and comfortable experience, all players will have travel/health insurance with FULL COVERAGE during their stay in Brazil through the Canadian Athlete Insurance Program (CAIP).



Players will receive a Future Soccer super kit that includes:

  • Training Kit (Training Jersey, Shorts, and Socks)
  • Match Kit (Game Jersey, Shorts, and Socks)

Events / Entertainment


During their free time, players will have additional activities planned. They will visit the Soccer Museum in São Paulo and will spend one day at Boraceia Beach.

Accomodation & Training Facility


  • SOROCABA CONVENTION CENTRE is well known for accommodating professional soccer teams during their pre-season as guests.
  • The double room includes air-conditioning, refrigeration of food and beverages, comfortable beds, a bathroom, television with cable channels, a computer desk, and Wi-Fi.
  • Food and Beverage is ALL INCLUSIVE! Players will have 4 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner).
  • The hotel has three official sized soccer fields. The sport complex inside the hotel has everything that an athlete needs in order to have effective training sessions with full recovery.
  • The hotel is located in Sorocaba, one of the cities in the Great São Paulo Area, and is 1 hour and 40 minutes away from downtown São Paulo. See their website here

Training Facility – Sorocaba Convention Centre

Amenities Include:
  • Pool
  • Barbecue
  • Beach soccer pitch
  • Three official sized soccer fields
  • Sauna
  • Television room
  • Gym

Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage

  • The Sorocaba Convention Centre where the players will be staying offers ALL INCLUSIVE food and beverage, where players have four healthy meals per day (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner).
  • There will be a barbecue get-together at the Sorocaba Convention Centre at the end of the program, with all Brazilian primal steaks and typical food.
  • We encourage all players to bring extra cash with them for food and souvenirs during events and outings.
  • Players will have a nutritional diet. They will have four meals per day, consisting of Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner.
  • Breakfast will include an intercontinental-styled selection of scrambled eggs, breads, cold cuts, Brazilian coffee, tea, milk, yogurts, cereal, jams/marmalades, fruits, and juices.
  • Lunch will vary day to day; it will include meals such as pasta and chicken, beef and mashed potatoes, chicken and vegetables, steak and mashed potatoes, lasagna, etc.
  • Dinner will vary day to day; it will include meals such as rice and stroganoff, steak and vegetables, chicken and pasta, ravioli, chicken risotto, etc.
  • Snacks will vary day to day in order to keep players refreshed with a variety of foods; Snacks will usually include small sandwiches, fruits, cereal bars and Gatorade.
  • If registrants have any dietary restrictions, they must make this known to Future Soccer prior to the trip.

24-Hour Security & Supervision

24-Hour Private Security

  • There will be 24-Hour private security at all times. There will be security both inside the Sorocaba Convention Centre, as well as accompanying players each and every time they leave the hotel for friendly matches and events.
  • The private security company is called BIG Security. They have been in business for many years and are a trustworthy organization. They are the same security company that works for Brazil’s top professional surfer Gabriel Medina.

24-Hour Supervision

  • Players will be upon guidance supervision throughout the entire program by coordinators, guides, and coaches.
  • The supervision will begin at The Pearson Airport (YYZ) TBD. Three hours prior to the departure time until the return date at The Pearson Airport (YYZ) TBD.

Training Overview

Training Overview

Players will have training sessions every day during the same time (2 x 2 hours per day).

Training will consist of:

  • Tactical Training Drills
  • Technical Training Drills
  • Physical Preparation – Functional Soccer Training
  • All coaches are bilingual and have great knowledge in the fundamentals of soccer. They have a high expertise in the technical and tactical skills ingrained in the Brazilian philosophy of play.
  • The fitness coaches have years of experience in the fitness industry and have trained many professional athletes.

Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff

Amarildo Acra

Professional Goalkeeper Coach

  • Guarani Futebol Clube (Professional) – Present
  • Sao Bernardo FC – Professional Goalkeeper Coach (Serie A) – 2010 to 2016
  • S.E.V Hortolandia – Professional Goalkeeper Coach – 2010
  • Campinas FC – Professional Goalkeeper Coach – 2008 to 2009

Juninho Martins

Head Coach

  • CA BRAGANTINO – SP Championship (C serie) – 2017
  • EC MOGI MIRIM – SP Championship (Serie C) – 2017
  • EC COMERCIAL – MS Brazilian Cup – 2017
  • EC ÁGUA SANTA – SP Paulista Itaipava A1 – 2016
  • ADRC ICASA – CE Cearense (1st Division) – 2016
  • SPORT CLUB RECIFE (PE Champions Serie A) – 2014 to 2015
  • OESTE FC – SP Championship (Serie B) – 2014
  • SÃO BERNARDO FC – SP Paulista (A1 , A2 , Paulista Cup) – 2010 to 2013
  • SC Barueri (U20) – 2010
  • Campinas FC (U13 / U15 / U17/ U20) – 2008 to 2010
  • Shin Heung – South Korea (U19) –2005 to 2008
  • Uniao Sao Joao (General Manager) –2003 to 2004
  • EC Noroeste (U15) – 2002
  • Campinas FC (U13 / U15) – 1998 to 2002
  • Careca Sport Centre (Academy) – 1998

Friendly Matches

Friendly Matches

Brazilian Soccer Clubs (Friendly Matches Opponents)

AD Guarulhos (Youth)

AD Guarulhos is a respected club in the Sao Paulo state. The youth teams are very competitive and plays against all the top clubs in Brazil. They are participating in all important youth tournaments in the state of Sao Paulo.

Santos FC (Youth)

Santos FC is the most famous Brazilian team around the world. The youth teams are very competitive and revealed many talents such as Neymar Jr., Pele, Diego, Robinho, and Lucas Lima. Santos participates in most tournaments around the world with the youth categories. The club is well known for having one of the best player development programs in the world.

RedBull Brasil (Youth)

RedBull Brasil is a team that invests in their youth categories, in order to develop and reveal new talents, as well as have competitive youth teams. Every year, at least four players from the youth category are promoted to the professional cast. RedBull Brasil was also promoted to the first division of the region cup in the Sao Paulo state.

SC Corinthians (Youth)

Corinthians has one of the strongest youth teams in Brazil. Their training ground is exceptional, and many players every year try to play for them during their tryout season. Corinthians revealed many players such as Willian, Sylvinho, Rivellino, Dentinho, Deco and Jo.

São Paulo FC (Youth)

São Paulo FC is one of the biggest soccer clubs in Brazil. They are responsible for kick starting and developing the careers of many great players such as Oscar, Ganso, Lucas Moura, Kaká, and Cafu. The youth teams are very competitive in the national and international environment, participating in the most youth tournaments globally (Barcelona, Milan, Madrid).


Videos / Photos

  • All training sessions will be videotaped by a professional visual media company.
  • Both friendly matches will be videotaped as well.
  • Photos & videos will also be taken during the entire program and will be uploaded to our social media and website gallery (with consent).
  • Aside from the photos and videos allowing players to remember their wonderful experience in Brazil, they are also very useful for scholarship opportunities.

Press Media Participation

Press Media Participation

  • Our partnership with Mood Criativo allows us to include in our international soccer camp program, participation in a Live Television Program in Brazil, where the media will ask the selected player (who agrees to this) about his experience and his expectations after the program.
  • Players will also be in a local newspaper and can take the paper with them back to Canada as a souvenir, and to use for showcasing purposes.

Program Benefits

Program Benefits

  • Have access to invaluable showcasing opportunities with the top professional soccer clubs in Brazil
  • Gain international soccer experience
  • Develop new soccer skills and progress old ones
  • Learn different styles of play
  • Get to know other participants and match opponents
  • Play at the most developed training grounds in São Paulo against top professional clubs’ youth academies
  • Receive training from top coaches with substantial professional experience
  • Engage in an intensive physical training program
  • Receive footage of the Brazil camp with all training sessions and games recorded
  • Build stronger team chemistry by the end of this amazing experience
  • Gain a new eye-opening perspective on soccer and life
  • Visit a beautiful country such as Brazil
  • Learn a new culture and way of life
  • Learn valuable life lessons and skills related to independence, teamwork, motivation, and passion

São Paulo and Region

São Paulo and Region

São Paulo is the largest city in South America, and the third largest in the world. The city is well developed and it has many places for entertainment and sight-seeing. São Paulo has four major soccer teams, which are São Paulo FC, Santos FC, Sporting Club Corinthians Paulista, and SE Palmeiras. All four teams are well known internationally and have won many international competitions, as well as provided Europe’s top clubs with young talent developed in Brazil.

Registration & Costs

Application Procedure

  • Players must be currently competing at a competitive level of soccer in their province
  • Limited space per age group
  • Players chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis for all those who fulfill program eligibility
  • Fill out and complete the Future Soccer Brazil Camp Registration Form
  • Submit a non-refundable deposit of TBD
  • The remaining balance must be paid in full by the deadline date
  • Full Payment Deadline: TBD. Depending on program’s start date
  • The program fills up very quickly
  • We strongly encourage early applications to ensure availability

Payment Information

Program Cost and Dates
  • Dates: July 17 – July 27
  • Cost: Without Airfare: $2,966 CAD + HST
  • Cost: With Airfare: Rates vary, contact Future Soccer for more information
  • Extra money for some meals, souvenirs and spending money recommended

Upon receipt of your application and deposit, we will confirm your acceptance in the program after careful review.

All applicants must also be sure to have a current passport. Non-Canadian citizens with residency in Canada must also have a current passport, and be able to obtain a travel visa to Brazil. For more information on the requirements to obtain a travel visa to Brazil, please check with your closest Brazilian consulate

We are looking forward to providing an unforgettable and unique international experience in a country of rich culture with some of the strongest Brazilian youth clubs.



Are all programs offered overseas safe?

Yes, we take all security measures into account in order to provide and maintain a safe environment for all participants. We explain in further detail in the Security section of the program description.

Will my child be provided with supervision?

Yes, all players will be supervised by coordinators, guides, and coaches 24-hours a day. We explain in further detail in the 24-Hour Supervision section.

What happens if my child gets sick or injured?

If a player gets ill or injured while in Brazil, they will immediately be taken to the hospital for care. Costs will be covered by their travel insurance. We explain in further detail in the Travel/Health Insurance section.

What happens if my child needs to be flown back to Canada immediately?

If a player needs to fly back to Canada in the event of an unexpected death or illness, they will be covered to do so by their travel insurance up to a maximum of $2,000 toward a one-way economy airfare ticket to their departure point or destination. We explain in further detail in the Travel/Health Insurance section.

What documentation does my child need?

All participants will need a renewed passport and active Brazilian (Tourist or Temporary I) Visa. Further details in the next FAQ.

By what date should my child have their Brazil Visa by?
  • We recommend you to apply for your child’s visa as soon as you register for the Future Soccer International Camp.
  • Plan your visa application in advance, as it takes the Consulate at least 15 business days to issue a visa. Longer waits may apply, especially in high season. There are no rush or emergency fees. All applicants under 18 years of age must provide a notarized letter of consent signed by both parents or legal guardian authorizing the Consulate to issue a visa as well as a copy of the minor’s LONG FORM birth certificate. The printed receipt page of the online application form must also be signed by both parents.
  • The consular fee for a tourist visa for Canadian nationals is $97.50 CAD which must be paid by money order or certified cheque ONLY to the “Consulate General of Brazil”. In case of more than one application, the visa fees may be combined in a single money order.
  • Cash, personal cheques, credit card, or debit card will NOT be accepted.
  • Future Soccer Inc. is not responsible for paying for this fee.
  • Please refer to these websites for more information and steps to take in the Visa application procedure:
When will my child receive their uniforms?

All athletes will receive their uniforms by June. They will have to pick up their uniform at Future Soccer Inc.’s office, or they may choose to receive their uniform at the airport on the departure date. Please leave some space in luggage for uniforms! For more information on what uniforms will be provided, we explain in further detail in the Uniforms section.

What kind of soccer equipment does my child need to bring?

Players should bring with them their soccer cleats and shin pads, as well as any other apparel/equipment such as slider shorts that they would like to bring. Players will be provided with uniforms. We explain in further detail in the Uniforms section.

What kind of food and beverages will be provided to my child?
  • Players will have a nutritional diet. They will have five meals per day, consisting of Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner.
  • Breakfast will include an intercontinental-styled selection of scrambled eggs, breads, cold cuts, Brazilian coffee, tea, milk, yogurts, cereal, jams/marmalades, fruits, and juices.
  • Lunch will vary day to day; it will include meals such as pasta and chicken, beef and mashed potatoes, chicken and vegetables, steak and mashed potatoes, lasagna, etc.
  • Dinner will vary day to day; it will include meals such as rice and stroganoff, steak and vegetables, chicken and pasta, ravioli, chicken risotto, etc.
  • Both snacks will vary day to day in order to keep players refreshed with a variety of foods; Snacks will usually include small sandwiches, fruits, cereal bars and Gatorade.
How can I make my payment?

You can make your payment by submitting a non-refundable deposit of (Price TBD) through PayPal, or by cheque or money order made payable to Future Soccer Inc. We explain in further detail in the Application Procedure section.

What is your refund policy?

We require a non-refundable deposit of $250.00 CAD, and a further residual refundable payment of (Price TBD) by the application and full payment deadline date (Date is TBD). We explain in further detail in the Application Procedure section.

How much spending money should my child need throughout the duration of the trip?

We recommend your child to bring at least $250.00 CAD if they would like to buy souvenirs, gifts and clothing, as well as for spending money during events and outings.

Will I be able to send my child more money while they are away?

Yes, you will be able to send your child money through many options such as e-transfers, wire transfers, Western Union, etc.

How do I contact my child while they are away?
  • There are many ways to contact your child while they are in Brazil:
  • Through the Internet, as the Sorocaba Convention Centre provides free Wi-Fi
  • We recommend IM apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Google DUO, BBM, KIK, etc.
  • Through email
  • By calling the Sorocaba Convention Centre
Who do I contact if I cannot get in touch with my child?
  • If you cannot get in touch with your child, we recommend you to first, call the Sorocaba Convention Centre and ask for them to connect you. If that does not assist you, you can then call us at 416-720-9130 we will help you connect with your child.
  • We highly recommend you to buy a calling card in order to make an international calls if your home/cell phone plan does not include international calling.

If you have any questions or would like to book spots as an individual or team, please call us at (416) 720-9130, or email us at