Canpl: “Pre-season or basic training? Anthony Novak was army-bound before Forge move”

Writing for the Canadian Professional League, Armen Bedakian talks to our athlete Anthony Novak about the surprising crossroads he faced before joining ForgeFC and the CPL.

After devoting much of his life to the sport and being unsatisfied with the results, Novak was considering joining the military and was indeed a paperwork filing away from doing so when he decided to give soccer one more shot.

Of the factors that helped Novak to make his career in soccer:

“Novak, who grew up in Pickering, Ont., is, in many ways, the kind of player the Canadian Premier League aspires to showcase – young, clearly talented, but never under the spotlight, whether through circumstance, luck, or, as Novak figures, the lack of an agent.

Finding representation put Novak into League1 Ontario with the Oakville Blue Devils.

He scored an astounding 20 goals last season.

“I fell in love with the game all over again,” Novak said, of the reasons for his success.”

Novak’s story illustrates the importance of not only persevering in pursuit of a goal but also the value of having good representation that advocates for players and helps the world to see how gifted they are.

You can read the full article on the CPL official site here.

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