Swope Park Rangers vs. Ottawa Fury FC

10/10/2019 | Alex McGuinness

On October 8, two of our athletes faced off against one another in the USL. The game pitted Ze Pedro and the Swope Park Rangers against Thiago De Freitas and Ottawa Fury FC.

Anthony Novak talks to Forge FC

26/9/2019 | Alex McGuinness

This Saturday, our athlete Anthony Novak and Forge FC will play hosts to Pacific FC.  In a video for Forge FC, Novak discusses his mindset heading into the game.

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Hansly Felix's debut game against Montreal Impact

 13/3/2019 | Mushtaq Nizamdin 

There is no doubt that soccer is the most popular game in the world, after all, it is a beautiful game. From a young age, many boys and girls from all over the globe have aspirations of playing on the big stage. For one Ottawa native, his next stage is set and awaits his arrival this Friday.

Canpl: “Pre-season or basic training? Anthony Novak was army-bound before Forge move”

21/05/2019 | Lukas Witmer

Writing for the Canadian Professional League, Armen Bedakian talks to our athlete Anthony Novak about the surprising crossroads he faced before joining ForgeFC and the CPL.

After devoting much of his life to the sport and being unsatisfied with the results, Novak was considering joining the military and was indeed a paperwork filing away from doing so when he decided to give soccer one more shot.

Thiago De Freitas Talks Fury FC, North American Soccer

21/05/2019 | Lukas Witmer

In a video from Ottawa Fury FC, our athlete Thiago De Freitas discusses his impressions of the USL and what he brings to the soccer club.

The Fury midfielder talks about how he has had to adjust to a more the more physical playstyle of North American soccer. Nonetheless, he feels prepared to combine his own experience with this new game and bring the best he can to the pitch.