Are all programs offered overseas safe?

Yes, we take all security measures into account in order to provide and maintain a safe environment for all participants. We explain in further detail in the Security section of the program description.

Will my child be provided with supervision?

Yes, all players will be supervised by coordinators, guides, and coaches 24-hours a day. We explain in further detail in the 24-Hour Supervision section.

What happens if my child gets sick or injured?

If a player gets ill or injured while in Brazil, they will immediately be taken to the hospital for care. Costs will be covered by their travel insurance. We explain in further detail in the Travel/Health Insurance section.

What happens if my child needs to be flown back to Canada immediately?

If a player needs to fly back to Canada in the event of an unexpected death or illness, they will be covered to do so by their travel insurance up to a maximum of $2,000 toward a one-way economy airfare ticket to their departure point or destination. We explain in further detail in the Travel/Health Insurance section.

What documentation does my child need?

All participants will need a renewed passport and active Brazilian (Tourist or Temporary I) Visa. Further details in the next FAQ.

By what date should my child have their Brazil Visa by?

  • We recommend you to apply for your child’s visa as soon as you register for the Future Soccer International Camp.
  • Plan your visa application in advance, as it takes the Consulate at least 15 business days to issue a visa. Longer waits may apply, especially in high season. There are no rush or emergency fees. All applicants under 18 years of age must provide a notarized letter of consent signed by both parents or legal guardian authorizing the Consulate to issue a visa as well as a copy of the minor’s LONG FORM birth certificate. The printed receipt page of the online application form must also be signed by both parents.
  • The consular fee for a tourist visa for Canadian nationals is $97.50 CAD which must be paid by money order or certified cheque ONLY to the “Consulate General of Brazil”. In case of more than one application, the visa fees may be combined in a single money order.
  • Cash, personal cheques, credit card, or debit card will NOT be accepted.
  • Future Soccer Inc. is not responsible for paying for this fee.

When will my child receive their uniforms?

All athletes will receive their uniforms by June. They will have to pick up their uniform at Future Soccer Inc.’s office, or they may choose to receive their uniform at the airport on the departure date. Please leave some space in luggage for uniforms! For more information on what uniforms will be provided, we explain in further detail in the Uniforms section.

What kind of soccer equipment does my child need to bring?

Players should bring with them their soccer cleats and shin pads, as well as any other apparel/equipment such as slider shorts that they would like to bring. Players will be provided with uniforms. We explain in further detail in the Uniforms section.

What kind of food and beverages will be provided to my child?

  • Players will have a nutritional diet. They will have five meals per day, consisting of Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner.
  • Breakfast will include an intercontinental-styled selection of scrambled eggs, breads, cold cuts, Brazilian coffee, tea, milk, yogurts, cereal, jams/marmalades, fruits, and juices.
  • Lunch will vary day to day; it will include meals such as pasta and chicken, beef and mashed potatoes, chicken and vegetables, steak and mashed potatoes, lasagna, etc.
  • Dinner will vary day to day; it will include meals such as rice and stroganoff, steak and vegetables, chicken and pasta, ravioli, chicken risotto, etc.
  • Both snacks will vary day to day in order to keep players refreshed with a variety of foods; Snacks will usually include small sandwiches, fruits, cereal bars and Gatorade.

How can I make my payment?

You can make your payment by submitting a non-refundable deposit of (Price TBD) through PayPal, or by cheque or money order made payable to Future Soccer Inc. We explain in further detail in the Application Procedure section.

What is your refund policy?

We require a non-refundable deposit of $250.00 CAD, and a further residual refundable payment of (Price TBD) by the application and full payment deadline date (Date is TBD). We explain in further detail in the Application Procedure section.

How much spending money should my child need throughout the duration of the trip?

We recommend your child to bring at least $250.00 CAD if they would like to buy souvenirs, gifts and clothing, as well as for spending money during events and outings.

Will I be able to send my child more money while they are away?

Yes, you will be able to send your child money through many options such as e-transfers, wire transfers, Western Union, etc.

How do I contact my child while they are away?

  • There are many ways to contact your child while they are in Brazil:
  • Through the Internet, as the Sorocaba Convention Centre provides free Wi-Fi
  • We recommend IM apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Google DUO, BBM, KIK, etc.
  • Through email
  • By calling the Sorocaba Convention Centre

Who do I contact if I cannot get in touch with my child?

  • If you cannot get in touch with your child, we recommend you to first, call the Sorocaba Convention Centre and ask for them to connect you. If that does not assist you, you can then call us at 416-720-9130 we will help you connect with your child.
  • We highly recommend you to buy a calling card in order to make an international calls if your home/cell phone plan does not include international calling.

If you have any questions or would like to book spots as an individual or team, please call us at (416) 720-9130, or email us at contact@futuresoccer.ca