International Soccer Camp (Brazil)

The soccer camp’s main objective is to provide a safe, fun, and overall amazing experience for every athlete who joins the program. Future Soccer has partnerships with many major professional soccer clubs in Brazil – Santos FC, Sao Paulo FC, SC Corinthians, SC Palmeiras, RedBull Brasil and Ponte Preta FC., to name a few.

There will be four friendly matches with four of these teams (of equal or reasonably close age group) where players will play at the professional clubs’ training grounds against them. Friendly matches against teams like these are not only great development experiences for players, but also amazing showcasing opportunities as well. These professional soccer clubs are very competitive and play in the most prestigious international youth competitions across the globe.

Camp participants will spend 8 days in Brazil at the Atena Praia Hotel, a nicely located hotel by the beach in the municipality of Boicucanga. The hotel provides security, comfortable and clean bedrooms, a common dining area, a swimming pool and a hot tub.

The International Camp program goes beyond the scope of just facing off against top level professional soccer clubs; it includes visits and events to maximize the entertainment of players. Players will visit the famous Football Museum in the city of Sao Paulo, Pele Museum, a live professional soccer match, Sao Sebastiao beaches, a boat cruise to nearby island, private team churrasco party (BBQ), soccer table-tennis competition, as well as excursions to various touristic sites in the region. The visits planned will give players the opportunity to learn more about Brazil and the Brazilian culture.

If a team is registered together, their coach will also accompany them on the trip and assist in the training and development.

Ready for an experience of a lifetime?

All the need-to-know about the Future Soccer Brazil Camp

Program Includes
  • Airfare round-trip (Toronto – Sao Paulo) (Sao Paulo– Toronto)
  • Ground Transportation (Airport – Hotel, Hotel – Games & Events, Hotel – Airport)
  • Events / Entertainment (Live Soccer Match, Beach Days, and City Tours)
  • Accommodation (Hotel)
  • Food and Beverage (ALL INCLUSIVE)
  • Four friendly matches against professional soccer club’s youth teams
  • Video / Photos (Covering all training sessions, events, and all matches)

Future Soccer partners with Mood Criativo in order to provide the best experience for international players within Brazil.

Mood Criativo is a marketing/events company that specializes in promoting and coordinating major events. Our partnership is to ensure that all players are well supported throughout their trip.

Airfare Round-Trip

One of the many great advantages of our program is that we can include round-trip airfare in the final price. In most cases, other sporting events companies do not include airfare in their price at all, and it is the responsibility of the participants or their soccer clubs to look for tickets and book them on their own. This provides a major convenience to clubs, participants, and their families.

Participants will leave the Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ), and will arrive at the Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) in Brazil. There will be one program coordinator at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) to gather all participants, organize everything, and accompany them to Brazil.

Registrants have the option of booking their own flights, but will be responsible for their own traveling if that is the case. Flight arrival times in Brazil must be made known to Future Soccer prior to the Brazil Camp in order to accommodate athletes with ground transportation.

Ground Transportation

There will be a bus or vans upon the athletes’ arrival in Brazil. The bus / vans will transport players from the Airport to the Atena Praia Hotel, and will also be the vehicle of transportation for sightseeing events and friendly matches.


During their free time, players will have additional activities planned. They will visit the famous Pele Museum, a live soccer match (Campeonato Brasileiro – Brazil First Division), Sao Sebastiao beaches, a boat cruise to nearby island, private team churrasco party (BBQ), soccer table-tennis competition, as well as excursions to various touristic sites in the region.

The fun however is not just limited to the athletes! Accompanying parents will have a different itinerary planned. Besides going to the same places as the players, there will be additional attractions, not limited to: visits to many beaches in the Sao Sebastiao region, reservations in various local gourmet restaurants, etc.


  • Atena Praia Hotel is well known for their high level service and hospitality.
  • Both double and triple rooms include: air conditioning, refrigeration, comfortable beds, bathroom, television with cable, and WIFI.
  • Players will have a daily buffet-style breakfast at the hotel.
  • The hotel is locatedright across the beautiful Boicucanga beach.
  • See their website here.
Food and Beverages
  • Food and beverages are ALL INCLUSIVE FOR ATTENDEES. Players will be provided with three meals per day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • A buffet-style breakfast will be provided at the hotel
  • Lunch and dinner will be provided by restaurants that we have partnered with.
  • FOR PARENTS, the food will be all inclusive, however, alcoholic beverages are not included and will be at extra cost.
Friendly Matches

Future Soccer has many professional Brazilian soccer clubs as partners. Depending on scheduling and availability, we could provide friendly matches against four of these teams:

  • Sao Paulo FC
  • Santos FC
  • SC Palmeiras
  • SC Corinthians
  • RedBull Brasil
  • AD Guarulhos
  • Flamengo de Guarulhos
  • Ponte Preta FC
  • Portuguesa De Desportos
  • All friendly matches will be videotaped by a professional video-media company.
  • Photos & videos will also be taken during the entire program and will be uploaded to our social media and website gallery (with consent).
  • Aside from the photos and videos allowing players to look back and remember their wonderful experience in Brazil, they are also very useful for scholarship & professional showcase opportunities.
  • Have access to invaluable showcasing opportunities with the top professional soccer clubs in Brazil
  • Gain international soccer experience
  • Develop new soccer skills and progress old ones
  • Learn different styles of play
  • Get to know other participants and match opponents
  • Play at the most developed training grounds in Brazilagainst top professional clubs’ youth academies
  • Receive footage of the BrazilCamp with all games recorded (individual highlight reels are available at extra cost).
  • Build stronger team chemistry by the end of this amazing experience
  • Gain a new eye-opening perspective on soccer and life
  • Visit a beautiful country such as Brazil
  • Learn a new culture and way of life
  • Learn valuable life lessons and skills related to independence, teamwork, motivation, discipline, and passion
Sao Paulo, Sao Sebastiao and Region

Sao Sebastiao is a coastal region in the state of Sao Paulo , and is located along the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Boicucanga is a town located in the Sao Sebastiao region. The town has beautiful beaches, great weather and unique gastronomy.